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The ugly truth

Published October 14, 2013 by Sima

Tears keep falling , heart keeps calling but can you listen , I try not to think about you but I can’t , am I too weak , sometimes I feel strong , stronger than any one and other times I feel like am the weakest person on earth , I don’t know who am  I sensitivity is killing me , I wish I was cold , so damn cold , I wish am the one who leaves people behind , am the one who put herself before others , that way maybe I can feel relief , maybe I can go on with life with mush confidence and no one could break me or my heart , I can achieve it all with no struggles , have it all with no waiting for long time that I feel after that I ‘ve lost my days thinking about someone who probably can’t remember knowing me ..

I need you

Published October 14, 2013 by Sima

Emptiness in my heart is getting bigger and bigger and I ask why ? why did you leave me like this , u said that you’ll never do this to me but here am finding myself in another broken-heart story , I trusted u with everything , I gave you everything , I opened my heart to you , after my first I swore that I ‘ll never let anyone do the same to me again but here am finding myself thinking about u everyday , dreaming about u every night , I can’t just say that I miss you because what am feeling right now , is a hell lot bigger than just missing u , I need you ..that’s the word ,the word that summarizes everything ,I need your presence with me ,I need your hug , I need to hear that I love you one more time , u gave me life and then u just took it away .. Now what ! am I gonna suffer for eternity ! am I ever gonna find my man ! am I that really that bad to not deserve a better man , everyone I knew let me down , not one stayed with me and hold on to me .. maybe I should stop thinking about this , it seems like a lost case , why bother to give everything to someone who will leave you in the most hurtful way , and then just go on with their lives like you never existed , don’t I deserve someone to fight for me once ! am tired of fighting on my own L struggling to get over this and be strong in that , no one really gives a damn shit ,all that they say is that they understand what you are  going through but come on ,u couldn’t even imagine what am going through .. feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders and am everyone keeps pulling  u down even more ,so what should I do ? .. I just need you 


Published October 7, 2013 by Sima

mixed feelings . last night was a chaotic night . I miss you and I don’t miss you . I love you and I don’t . how can I know what I want . Ever since you went away ,I feel cold , I thought I loved you with all my heart , I thought that I will never be able to forget you , I couldn’t even imagined life without you ..But what happened now baby ? I feel sad that I don’t feel a thing now and am happy that I don’t feel your burning love in my heart ..It did really happened overnight . However ,what will happen when I see your face and your smile ? I would really like to know the answer of that question .