The question

Published May 17, 2013 by Sima

Sometimes I find myself in front of the mirror asking myself this “ why do I give everything in a relationship ? “ and I keep asking trying to find out if am being stupid and somehow romantic or simply real and honest . Where did that get me ? obviously being easily broken . I can’t deny that “I ‘ve been treated like dirt too many times “ but that didn’t stop me one second from trusting people , from giving them second chances and from trying always to see the good in them . I fight ,I struggle ,I be patient and I forgive and that’s sure as hell not easy to do ,but what can I say , commitment is my middle name .They say everyone learn from their mistakes but have you ever really met someone who hasn’t make the same mistake twice ? some people tend to be more careful , not get too attached the second time and avoid all the drama . Others will shut themselves emotionally saying that expecting anything from no one will guarantee you a happy life . seriously ? that’s what I call escape ,how does that makes life exciting ? Wait can truly be pointless , full of suffering and disappointments but it is also wait that keeps us alive , believing , waiting , hoping and full of life . It’s a magical chaos ,being numb will probably make your life easier but for sure won’t make it unforgettable . Every once and a while , you see such a status on facebook saying you should step up ,be strong , don’t wait or expect anything from someone who let you down and this and that ..well people we know that but that’s not real life . like it or not , there’s a part of us that is vulnerable , that waits ,wants and hopes . So personnaly I don’t believe in neither ways and with every new person ,I see a new challenge ,a new lesson to be learnt . I end up disappointed but stronger so the next hit wont hurt me as the last one did. So that’s not a reason to change myself because perhaps one day ,I ‘ll meet the person who appreciate the “ real me “ and not end up at the end of the day in front my mirror asking myself the same stupid silly questionImage


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