It’s not your c…

Published May 16, 2013 by Sima

It’s not your charm or your sweet talk at midnight that will seduces me ,nor the promises that you keep saying and filling my heart with ,will make me fall for you . Because sir am not seeking for the charm and am not seeking for the romance as much as I am longing for a man with word . A man with such principles that will put me first ,wont runaway from his responsibilities and keep struggling until the last breath . A man in whom I find myself going through all kinds of wars that will keep me fired up all the way down ,but I won’t be fighting alone because he’ll always got my back , Then and only then ,I find peace within me . I love my life , filled with shit and problems . True . filled with disappointments .True. Filled with anger and hate . definitely true . I’m a fighter and I love to fight for what I believe in and for what I am fond of , so if you’re not ready for such a war then sir you should step back for my gladiator to appear.


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